Food Bank Donations

"We were told in briefing that Jonny would be running a food bank and was looking for some help, me and a few other sixth form members showed interest in this and we later asked if we could take more control of the project alongside him.
After doing this we organised meetings with other members of the sixth form who had volunteered to help and decided on days to collect donations from forms as well as how we could promote the event. We made posters for around school, put reminders in form registers and went into each form rooms form to ensure the food bank was well recieved. In addition to this me and Jonny also led assemblies to all of the lower years to further publicise the event.
At the end of the collection period we went to Stoke-on-Trent food bank and assisted in dropping the donations that we had received off, which consisted of over 500 donations of food and £138.30."
Lawrence Maxfield- Year 12