Student Leadership Conference

The Newman Catholic Collegiate Student Leadership Conference
St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy
Our school is a multi-cultural environment which allows student to become independent and we promote community cohesion. On our academy council, we have our head boy Sach and our head girl Mollie, two prefects and 8 academy council representatives. As an academy council we hope to make a difference to our school and allow students voices to be heard.
St Wilfred’s Catholic Academy
Our academy is dedicated to working together and making things happen. We have a charity team who are always raising money. Representing the school we have Ben who is sporty and cares for others. Ellie is a bright and helpful girl and there is Izzy who is intelligent and confident in what she does. Our school council hopes to make our lunch hall better, and raise money for CAFOD.
St Joseph’s 
We won the Diana awards, and bronze, silver and gold Sainsbury’s sports awards. We hold many cake sales and fundraisers. Representing our school we have Jerry, who likes football and representing the school; Emily whose favourite subjects are history, geography and maths. Luke who likes to represent the school in sports and Georgia whose favourite subjects are art, science and English. Already this year we have achieved the gold sports medal and we are trying to keep it up. We want to make our school a better place so people like school more and have more fun.
St Peter’s Catholic Academy
Our school is big and everyone has great respect for each other. We have good education and we are welcoming, therefore involve everyone. We recently went to London to visit the houses of Parliament, and we met Prince Charles at Middleport factory.  Representing the school we have Wiktor, Weronika, and Abby who are very sporty. We also have Sushi, Bryan, Imasfah and Huzaifa who are very kind and creative in all areas. This year we hope to achieve high levels in our SATS, help charities, improve school playgrounds and improve displays.
St John’s the Evangelist
At our school we have meetings often and have fundraising events like cake sales, Christmas fayres and non-uniform days. We have a gardening club which has won 2 gold awards. We offer bikeability and have a woodland area at our school. Representing our school we have Lucy who is a dancer and is happy, we have Amelia who loves football and is bubbly, Harry who is a martial-artist and a Port Vale fan, and Ben who loves football, is a mathematician and can be loud. This year we are holding a race night at Kidsgrove town hall to help our fundraising and we hope to bring out an anti-bullying DVD.
Our Lady and St Benedict’s
We are a catholic school and go to church. We use the creative thoughts and feelings of the pupils to help their learning and we show compassion and love to others. Representing our school we have our school councillors: a head girl who is confident, friendly and loves to dance; our head boy who is fun, bubbly and confident; and our other representatives who love to read and have creative personalities. This year we hope to have more frequent meetings, and have more drama, dance and art clubs to let the students show their creative side.
St. Mary’s
Our school go on great trips, it is loving, caring and kind. Our representatives our head girl Summer and she is true and honest. The head boy is Morgan and he is a good leader. The deputy head girl is Amy and she is really kind. The deputy head boy is Alfie and he is sporty. The council representatives are Jess, who is smart, and Joe who is the best footballer. There is Kelsey who is amazing and really kind. There is Sam who likes football, and Amelia who is great at break-dancing; they are the year 5 representatives. Our school council is committed to our school and dedicate each Friday afternoon to discuss our changes. We hope to achieve an Xbox one and a swing set for the younger years. We support CRY, a charity dedicated to finding heart diseases. We went to London to visit the houses of Parliament too.
Our Lady of Grace
We have a small school, we take part in a lot of activities though. Our representatives are Josh, who likes football and rugby and Eli who likes to dance, swim and play football. We want to meet with St Mary’s for school council meetings and raise money for CRY. We also went to London to see the houses of Parliament.
Rhianna Leighton