Iceland Trip

During February half term, 50 students had the opportunity to visit Iceland! Everyone had a great is described below!
Iceland was amazing. From landing at Keflavik to taking off out of Keflavik, it was just fantastic. I have to say my favourite moment was when we started our descent into Keflavik. Coming out of the clouds and just seeing this huge white island, it was stunning.
The first two nights we stayed in the south of Iceland at the Hjardabol Guesthouse. On the Monday morning, we travelled East to Seljalandfoss which was a breath taking waterfall. After this we carried on east to the Eyjafjallajokull visitor centre where we were told about a farm affected by the volcano eruption in 2010 from a short film. After this we travelled to another waterfall: Skogafoss, which you could climb to the top of. This was yet again breathtaking. We then travelled to the South coast where Reynisfjara black beach was. This was weird but spectacular at the same time with the black sand and the white waves crashing down onto the shore.
When we finished here, we went to the Solheimajokull glacier then travelled back West to the Guesthouse. On the Tuesday morning, we travelled North East to the Secret lagoon, which was very nice and relaxing. We then visited another waterfall: Gulfoss. This was the biggest one we had visited. It was tremendous.
After this we went to the Great Geysir. This was amazing, especially when the water fired up 40/50ft in the air. After this, we travelled West to the Thingvellir national park. This was fantastic as this is where two tectonic plates are separated. We then carried on West to the capital Reykjavik where we stayed at the b47 hostel for the last night. We took a walk into the city to the burger restaurant where we dined that night.
The next day we travelled back to the UK, which was quite sad as Iceland was so good! It is somewhere I’d possibly like to live when I’m older. Also if this trip is on again next year, I’ll definitely go.
Ben Micklewright, Year 10