Letter From The Principal

9th July 2018
Dear Parent / Guardian
As you may be aware we are introducing some new strategies to ensure the behaviour of our students
continues to improve around the school and in lessons. It is important to us that your child belongs to a school
where they feel known, respected, confident and safe and where they can learn without interruption. We
began this approach at half term with a focus on Year 10 and will extend it in September 2018.
Whilst it is still very early days and we have more work to do in this regard, I am pleased to inform you that
we have seen a rapid and significant improvement in the attitude and behaviour of our students and the
majority have been really positive and impressive. For this reason we feel it would be appropriate to reward
our students in recognition of this.
The Chair of governors has kindly agreed to treat students with an early finish on the last day of term.
Therefore school will close to students at 1.30pm on Friday 20th July 2018.
I hope you appreciate that we do not wish to inconvenience you in any way but feel that it is very important to
take opportunities to focus on rewarding students for the good behaviour of the many, rather than for the focus
to be on the poor behaviour of the very few. This can be dealt with separately.
I will write to you again over the next couple of weeks but wanted to give you notice of this early finish.
Yours sincerely
Mr D McKenna