Letter Of Thanks

During ECM day at Saint Margaret Ward all student year groups undertook various enrichment activities to further develop their understanding of themselves.
One particular student Lucy Mellor from year 7 created a beautiful piece of poetry about what she was thankfull for.
Fantastic work Lucy!
Mr Thompson
Letter of Thanks
Hello! I have something to say
And I hope my words will make your day.
When I was two, I never knew
Who would give me joy
In days of grief, when I would weep
Would it be a girl or boy?
Mother told me never to listen
To the mean words that they said
She told me to forget them
As I drifted off to bed.
So in that day, I thought the only
Person who’d make me smile
Was my lovely dear mother:
Only SHE was worth the while.
When I was eight, I always felt great
Once I came back home to my mum
Though at school, I was very shy
Every day, through the rain or sun.
Then, I met some friends just for me
Who’d always stick by my side
Even though I knew right from the start
It’d be a long, bumpy ride.
We went through good days, we went through the night
Through the misty, dark and bright
We laughed, we cried, we struggled through it all
And looked forward to days still to come.
Now I’m eleven, and thinking about heaven
In my big, new catholic high school
And I don’t care if you say I’m boring
So long as my friends are still cool.
Thank you!