The Dengineers Visit The Academy!

At the beginning of March we were told a big secret!! We were both excited and delighted that Jilan Khalid 8W had been successful in her application to be part of a CBBC programme The Dengineers!
Jilan could not suspect a thing otherwise her part in the show could not go ahead. She had to be surprised in school to launch the building of her ideal den. Jilan wants to know what it is like to be the Prime Minister and has some strong views on several political themes and ideas.
I met with the team from CBBC over the Easter holidays to decide where the secret cameras would be and discussed secretly with Mr McGlincy what he could get the class to do without raising suspicion!!
Mr McGlincy was brilliant at keeping the secret and as Yr8 we’re starting to study Macbeth after Easter it was ideal to ask the class to prepare a 2minute speech about their dreams and ambitions for the future. The team could only come on Friday 20th April so we secretly swapped lessons so Miss Evans would look after MrMcglincy’s Yr10 while he carried on with the speeches-how sneaky are we??
The day arrived and the team hid down in Mr Birkin and the site staffs den which was ideal to keep the presenters Lauren and Joe away from children who would recognise them. 
Nervously we waited for lunch time to put microphones on Mr McGlincy and set up the classroom. Mr Bloor and Mr Birkin made it look like we had contractors on site and then as everyone made their way to Period 5 after lunch and form time, we tracked Jilan to her classroom and once inside the camera team and Joe and Lauren crept upstairs and burst into the classroom as Jilan was delivering her speech!! What a surprise-the class were stunned until they realised what they were part of and then the excitement really started. 
No one knew apart from a few-we can keep a secret and now Jilan and her class mates will be part of a programme that will appear on CBBC between November and February. We will let you know-we won’t keep it a secret!! 
Miss Farrer