Feast of All Saints 1st Nov. 2016

Dear parent/guardian,
November 1st is the feast of All Saints one of the most important feasts within the Catholic Church. It is a day set aside by the Church to remember all people who are in Heaven and we ask all of these people to watch over and pray for us. The Church requires that we - as Catholics - attend mass on this day and that we as a Catholic school offer students this opportunity. 
On the 1st there will be number of masses across the Churches of the collegiate the details of which will be posted on the schools website. The school will also be providing an opportunity to attend mass at the Church of the Sacred Heart in    Tunstall at 9:30am. Students who wish to attend will walk from school to the Church accompanied by staff from school and will walk back to school after mass. 
If parents wish for their students to attend then I need a signed letter from home confirming this no later than the 17th October.