Spiritual Life

At St Margaret Ward, students and staff grow together on their faith journey, with daily opportunities for prayer and reflection. At all times, our young people are encouraged to see God all around them, in each other, and in themselves.  There are assemblies and other acts of worship each week for students in different year groups. Individual classes frequently plan and deliver assemblies for their peers. Special occasions are observed through liturgical celebrations, cand our chaplain leads us in the celebration of mass, including our annual outdoor mass to honour St Margaret Ward.
Students have the opportunity to go on retreats where they can reflect on their faith, learn more about themselves and get to know others better.  Our students are regularly invited to attend and participate in masses within the local community and across the Diocese.
The Archdiocese of Birmingham recognises that, “being in the presence of God is evident in the high quality of relationships throughout the school, where pupils are encouraged to see God in themselves, in others and in God’s creation.” (Diocesan inspection, November, 2009). During this inspection, pupils were credited with having a “sound knowledge of the teachings of the Church and an ability to apply it to their own lives.” In 2011, Ofsted also acknowledged “the school’s religious ethos, its emphasis on respect and tolerance ensure that good relationships exist in the school.”
Our school prayer is part of our daily routine:
St Margaret Ward    Pray for us.
St Jean Baptiste de la Salle   Pray for us
Let us remember we are in the presence of God - now and forever