September 2017
"Let us remember we are in the presence of God"
Policy Adopted
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Autumn Term 2017
September 2018
Mrs R Pritchard
Agreed by Governors
T Madden
Policy for Promoting Racial Equality
This policy attempts to reflect the general and specific duties of schools as detailed in the Race Relations Act of 1976 and as amended by the Race relations (Amendment) Act 2000. This policy must be read in conjunction with other relevant school policies such as:
  • Equal opportunities Policy
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Inclusion policy
  • SEN Policy
Racist incidents in the school are very rare, however the local area has experienced continuing racial tension over the last few years. Therefore St Margaret Ward is especially mindful of the potential for racist incidents and is determined to stamp out such unacceptable behaviour.
“It is the responsibility of every school to prepare young people for the reality of an ethnically and culturally diverse society”
OFSTED (1993) Guidance on the Inspection of Schools, London, HMSO
Our Aims
We seek to be a friendly, welcoming school with a secure, orderly and peaceful atmosphere of respect for everybody, their belongings and the environment. In this way, everyone, irrespective of race, colour, ethnic origin or citizenship feels welcome and valued. By ensuring there is an atmosphere of discipline and order (with high standards of behaviour), we can create a dynamic learning environment in which students have a desire to be educated. With an emphasis on positive achievement, students will have the opportunity to exercise responsibility. We want students to have a pride in their work, their appearance, and above all, in their school.
We place a high priority on team- work both in our school and in our partnership with parents and the local community and the diocese.
Our school is committed to tackling racial discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity and good race relations across all areas of school activity, including:
  • students’ attainment and progress
  • students’ behaviour and discipline
  • the school curriculum
  • teaching and learning
  • pastoral care
  • staff recruitment and career development
  • admissions and transfer procedures.
  • awareness of relevant community and ethnicity issues and religious
observance in relation to student attendance, including provision to
cover missed work.
The school will seek to:
  • enhance the self- esteem of all students in an environment which provides equality of opportunity for them in a multi-cultural society.
  • be proactive in promoting racial equality and good race relations and tackling racial discrimination.
  • encourage staff in supporting and enabling all students and staff to reach their potential.
  • work in partnership with parents and the wider community to establish, promote and disseminate racial equality, good practice and tackle racial discrimination.
  • ensure that differences between people are respected and valued.
  • ensure that diverse needs of students are met in preparation for life in a diverse society.
  • ensure that the policy is followed.
All staff will ensure that they:
  • recognise that cultural background can affect behaviour and take this into account when dealing with discipline, being consistent at all times.
  • deal with racist incidents, and will be aware of how to identify and challenge racial bias and stereotyping.
  • promote racial equality and good race relations and not discriminate on racial grounds.
  • use a range of methods and strategies to assess student progress, ensuring that these methods are free of cultural and linguistic bias.
Particular care will be taken to identify support needed for groups who are disadvantaged, such as travellers, asylum seekers or students whose first language is not English. These methods of assessment will be closely monitored.
The Governing Body will
  • ensure that the school complies with Race Relations legislation.
  • ensure that the policy and its related procedures and strategies are implemented.
  • attend appropriate training and avail itself of opportunities to keep up to date with race relations legislation.
The Head Teacher will
  • implement the policy and its related procedures and strategies.
  • ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities and are given appropriate training and support.
  • take appropriate action in any cases of racial discrimination.
(Vice Principal for Inclusion) will:
  • have responsibility for race equality and in the first instance she will deal with any issues raised by staff, parents, students or governors.
  • deal with any complaints raised if the policy is not followed
Personal Development and Pastoral Care
The school will
  • provide support for all children, regardless of sociological, religious or ethnic difference, including Traveller students
  • provide support for EAL students and encourage them to use their home languages where possible
  • provide appropriate support to victims of racism and racial harassment, using the support of external agencies where necessary
The school will:
  • ensure that our curriculum incorporates the principles of racial equality and the valuing of diversity
  • ensure that resources and displays portray positive images of different people and cultures
  • use our resources to challenge stereotypes and racism across the curriculum
  • cater for the interests and abilities of all students by showing role models and presenters from different racial and faith groups using a wide range of skills and experiences (see performing Arts festival, DJ etc)
Staff recruitment and professional development
The school will:
  • adopt and implement fair and equal procedures for all applicants for jobs, candidates for promotion and opportunities for professional development
  • encourage people from under-represented groups to apply for all positions at all levels, and for promotion and staff development opportunities
  • ensure that training for staff and governors addresses issues of racial equality and cultural diversity
  • deal with breaches of this policy by staff or governors in accordance with discipline and grievance procedures
Partnerships with parents and the community
We will
  • encourage parents from all sections of the community to develop positive attitudes to diversity
  • make information accessible for parents in user- friendly language, if necessary, other than English
  • make the school’s facilities accessible to all groups within the community.
The school will:
  • Ensure that the school’s Behaviour and Anti- Bullying Policies will take account of this Policy particularly with reference to anti-racist practices.
  • Ensure that multicultural awareness of staff, students and parents will be raised through teaching strategies and ECM lessons, the teaching of citizenship, links with other organisations etc.
  • All parents will be informed of, and encouraged to be involved in, the life of the school regardless of linguistic or ethnic background.
Racial Harassment
Racist behaviour can be defined as any hostile or offensive act or expression by a person of one racial group against a person of another racial group, or incitement to commit such an act, where there is an indication that the motivation is racial dislike or hatred. Incidents of racist behaviour may be physical or verbal, they may involve a large or small number of people and those harassed may be from either the majority or minority communities.
The following list contains examples of racist behaviour, all of which constitute a breach of institutional regulations and should be acted upon by members of staff:
a)    Physical assault or the threat of it.
b)    Racist name-calling, joke making, face pulling and gesture.
c)    Any expression of racial prejudice or deliberate misinformation on racial or ethnic distinctions.
d)    Racist graffiti.
e)    Distributing racist literature.
f)     Wearing badges or insignia belonging to political organisations known to promote racial prejudice.
g)    Expressing slogans known to be associated with racist organisations.
Action to be taken by staff at St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy when dealing with incidents of racist behaviour:
1.  Incidents of racial harassment by people attending St Margaret Ward may be observed or heard by members of staff, may be reported to members of staff by either the person harassed or by other young people or may be directed at members of staff.
2.  When those harassed in such incidents are young people, they should be withdrawn from the situation. Referral should be made to the Vice Principal (in charge of Inclusion), Year Team Managers or another suitable member of staff if unavailable.
3.  The member of staff who has either observed the incident or has been informed by a pupil about the incident should immediately complete a racist incident form (to be found in the staffroom and reprographics)
4.  Referral should be made to Vice Principal (in charge of Inclusion), Inclusion Manager or year Team Manager if they are unavailable. A Serious Incident Sheet should be completed and forwarded to the year team. A copy of this form will be kept on record.
Dealing with the pupils involved:
1.  Support should be offered to the pupil who has been racially harassed through either a suitable member of the Teaching Staff or Pastoral Support Team. During this time the pupil should be given the opportunity to discuss whether they would like the incident formally pursued by the school. The results of this conversation should be passed on to Mrs Pritchard or relevant Assistant Vice Principal.
2.  The person committing the harassment should be given a clear indication of why the behaviour is objectionable and unacceptable. However, on the first occasion (s)he should then be dealt with according to normal procedures. However, if there were to be a reoccurrence of such an incident the pupil in question will face a fixed term/permanent exclusion from the school (see exclusion policy).
3.  Incidents which occur outside the school premises (i.e. distribution of racist literature at the school gates) will lead to the police being immediately informed.
This policy will be evaluated by the Staff, Senior Management Team and Governors in September2018