Duke of Edinbugh Award Scheme

The newly formed SMWCA Duke Of Edinburgh Award (DoE) group undertook their first bronze practice expedition in the area of the Roaches over the weekend of 7-8 May 2016. All the groups successfully completed their expedition and from all accounts had an enjoyable weekend, even if it was difficult carrying those heavy rucsacks in the heat. Their bronze qualifying expedition will be completed later this year.
The students on the expedition were; Krishnelle Abano, Alyssa Barnett, Laiybah Ibrahim, Farha Naeem, Qudsia Ejaz, Harry Lamplough, Jacob Kelter, Inaya Ummarah Nissa, Alex Prescutti, Seth Wainwright, Leon Hassall, Simran Deo, Jay Lovatt and Daniel Shenton-Kerin. Congratulations to them all for completing so well a difficult first challenge, now they've done it their qualifying expedition will be so much easier.
The staff who supported the expedition were; Mr Baratt, Mr Green and Miss Whincup during the day and Mr Plimbott, Miss Salt, Mr Casey and Miss Whincup in the evening/night.
Any student who would like to enrol or find out more about the scheme, or if there is any member of staff willing to assist in the activity, please contact Mrs Whincup.
More information about the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme can be found here