ICT - did you know?
E-safety is a very important part of the modern world.  The ICT department and the school deliver lessons to student to help them understanding how being safe online is important whether in class or at home. Year 7 pupils have been designing E-safety posters to be display in every classroom in the school to remind other students about staying safe.  Year 9 pupils are currently creating movies to show the dangers if pupils don’t follow simple rules to keep themselves safe.
Remember when using the internet;
  • Don’t give out your details online
  • Any information you give out may be accessible for years to come
  • Keep your anti-virus software up to date
  • Ensure when using social media that your setting are set to private.
  • People can easily lie and pretend to be some one they are not.
  • Don’t meet up with strangers you’ve meet online without an adult you can trust.