Y11 Parents' Evening Questionnaire

Q1 Which system do you prefer for Parents’ Evening?
  • 59 prefer the new online booking system
  • 11 prefer no booking system
Q2 Each appointment is 6 minutes long is that….
  • 56 parents said it was the right amount of time
  • 3 said it was too much time
  • 11 said it was not long enough
Q3 The system is designed to give parents 6 minutes (the length of an interview) to make their way from one interview to their next interview.  This prevents back to back appointments being booked.  Do you agree with this?
  • 64 agreed
  • 6 Disagreed
Q4 Were you able to book an appointment with the majority of teachers you wanted to see?
  • 65 were able to book
  • 4 said no
Q5 Did the teachers see you at the correct appointment times?
  • 32 said All
  • 35 said some
  • 4 said none
Q6 Did you find the process of booking online fairly easy/simple?
  • 64 said Yes
  • 6 said No