Academy Council Constitution

St. Margaret Ward Catholic Academy
Council Constitution
Amendments may be proposed and voted on at any meetings.
1. Each form (in years 7 to 11) is to elect a Year Council representative. A vote in each first year council meeting will decide on two representatives from each year to sit on the academy council. There is a separate 6th Form Council which will send two representatives to Academy Council meetings.
2. The second placed candidates in the year council election results will become reserves to take the place of the elected member if they are absent.
3. Nominations. Students may put themselves forward or they may be nominated to their form tutor by other students. If someone is nominated they may choose not to stand for election.
4. If appropriate the candidates may produce campaign materials and speak to their form to explain why they would make a good representative.
5. Voting is to be by secret ballot so that students are not under any peer pressure to vote for a particular candidate.
6. If a member fails to attend 3 meetings without good reason the council will vote to decide if they should be replaced by the reserve. Therefore the council must save the election results.
7. Meetings to be held once every half term. The year council meetings will take place in the week before the school council meetings.
8. Each representative to communicate with members of their year council and form groups so that the minutes can be fed back and that agenda items can be proposed.
9. A suggestion box to be used outside Pupil Support so that agenda items can be proposed.
Last modified: 1/10/2014
To be reviewed:  Autumn 2015