Go For Schools

What is Go4Schools and what does it do?
Go4Schools is an internet based program used by St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy.  It records educational, attendance and behavioural information for the school.  It is a tool that helps us to understand how individual students are doing and to focus on how they can be helped to achieve the best results.
How does it do that?
All of the school’s subjects are present in Go4Schools. They each have a ‘mark book’- this is a record of all of the parts of the course.  Levels gained at previous schools are held as a starting level. Teachers record marks for assignments etc. throughout the year and student progress can be followed. For example, it helps us to compare what end of year grades a student is predicted (which is a government based calculation) with what their teacher thinks they will achieve or their current level. Students’ reports are generated through Go4Schools.
Behaviour is recorded in each class and for separate events. In this way the good things are recorded and the not-so-good ones can be addressed. It helps us to make improvements and to ensure that we deal with issues fairly and consistently.
Who can log in?
Teachers and some other staff have access.  Parents can choose to access their children’s information. They cannot see anyone else’s information.  Students are able to log in too. Only those people allowed to by the school can log in. They can then log in from anywhere that they can access the internet.
Who can see what?
Teachers can see all of the school data and student behaviour.
Parents can see personal information (subjects, grades, timetable, behaviour etc.) relating to their children plus overall data relating to the school.
Students see only their own information and the school data.
How quickly does it update?
Behaviour, attendance and grades etc. are real-time and will change as soon as they are imputed by staff.
As a parent of a SMW pupil, how do I get access to Go4Schools?
If you have parental responsibility and the school does not have your email address, please get in touch to let us know it, we will add it to our database. That will update overnight to Go4Schools. Follow the instructions overleaf to log on. If you have any problems with Go4Schools, please email Ms Alex Brown on abrown2@sgfl.org.uk