Let me introduce Danni and Ruth, Public Health Advisors linked to the ‘Our Health 5-19 HUB’  (School Nurses)  Over the next few months the ladies will be in school running a fun interactive programme,  promoting healthy choices for our students. 
They will be looking at ‘Hydration’, and the benefits of ensuring we drink enough throughout the day.
They will be setting our students a sugar swap challenge, promoting a healthy diet and the benefits of eating breakfast. 
After Christmas the focus will be ‘New Year Get Moving’ encouraging the pupils to engage in activity for a healthy body and healthy mind.
It is an exciting time and we are all looking forward to this dynamic forward thinking initiative.
If you have any concerns about the health of your child and would like to talk with the School Nurses you can contact them at the 5-19 Central Referral Hub on 0300 124 0362