Buying Uniform - Advice to Parents

We believe strongly in school uniform as it reflects our commitment to the equal worth of each individual.  High standards of personal presentation reinforce our values of self respect and pride in our community.  In September, to ensure that all students reflect these values, we will be enforcing the uniform code rigorously.  We have, therefore, produced the following uniform guide to help clarify what is acceptable and what is not.  We appreciate your support in helping us to maintain our high standards.  When you are buying uniform over the summer, please note the following:
(The P.E. Requirements have also changed, the school website has further details)
If you have any queries or comments about uniform issues, please log this with your child’s form tutor today or contact the school on 01782 833003
Thank you for your continuing support.
A hairstyle appropriate to the uniform policy is expected eg. No noticeably dyed hair, shaved heads or partially shaved heads, especially with lines or patterns cut into it.
If hair is dyed it must still appear to be a natural colour and overtly unnatural hair colours or two toned hair colours, are not acceptable.
Hair accessories.
If hair needs tying back, only plain dark bobbles, clips or thin Alice bands can be worn.  Fashion accessories, such as bandanas are not acceptable.
Girls are allowed one pair of small stud earrings.
No other piercing is acceptable and must be removed.  They cannot be replaced by clear retainers.
Nail polish is discouraged but if worn should be subtle and discreet and this will be judged by staff.
Any noticeable nail varnish will have to be removed, including acrylic nails.
Make up
Make up is discouraged, but if worn should be subtle and discreet and this will be judged by staff.
Noticeable false eyelashes and excessive eye liner are not acceptable and will have to be removed.
Shirts must have buttons up to and including, the top button of the shirt, which must stay fastened.  Shirts should be plain white, with no pattern or logo.  They must be long enough to be tucked into trousers or skirts.
Shirts which do not have a stiff collar and those which do not button to the top are not acceptable.
Must not be written on.  If students do not wear their ties correctly, they will be asked to wear a clip on tie.
Boys and girls are allowed to wear loose fitting mid grey formal trousers only.
Black trousers, jean style trousers and tight fitting trousers are not acceptable.  Trousers should not have any visible logos or patterns and must be fitted with a zip; there should be no line or visible buttons.
Skirts must be grey school skirts and reach the knee.
Tight fitting skirts are not acceptable.  They should have a waistband and cannot be figure hugging.  They must not be rolled up.  If students insist on wearing skirts incorrectly they will be required to wear trousers.
Students should wear plain black shoes.
Trainers, boots, platform shoes, canvas pumps and canvas shoes are not acceptable.  Shoes should not have any clearly visible logo.  Girls’ shoes should not have a heel greater that 1.5 inches measured at the back.
Plain black tights or black ankle socks.
If girls wear socks they must be plain black ankle socks or knee length socks Leggings are not acceptable.  Boys should wear plain dark socks.
Additional Clothing
No additional clothes should be worn inside the school building.
Only grey V neck jumpers can be worn under blazers.  Hooded tops and cardigans are not acceptable.  Coats cannot be worn in the school building.