School Trip Information

11 November 2014
Dear Parent(s)/Guardian
As we begin the second half term, I wish to thank you for your support and co-operation.  We have had an excellent start to the year.  Despite some teething problems with the new build, we are now settled in and delighted to be working in such a lovely environment which now includes a brand new school hall.  I wish to congratulate all of the pupils on their maturity, attitude and work-rate.
The cashless catering has been a huge success and I wish to adopt a similar policy with regard to school trips in future.  Please note, from now on, the organisation of school trips will be as follows;
Unless there are exceptional circumstances*, if a trip is planned, you will be informed at least 6 weeks before the event.  The letter will advise you that the trip needs to be paid for on-line and anyone who is unable to pay on-line will be asked to contact the school, so we can talk you through the process or make other arrangements.  The letter will also state that if your child is unable to go on the trip due to your financial circumstances, you will be asked to contact your child’s LPM.
*there are occasions when we only find out about a trip at short notice, for example, we are made aware of the availability of theatre tickets.
By paying on-line, you are giving your permission for your child to go on the trip, so a reply slip will not be necessary.  You will be advised of the ‘closing date’ for the trip, after which payments will not be accepted and this will be at least 2 weeks before the event.  Please note, that if payments are not made by this date it will be too late for your child to take part in the trip.  Please note as well that some trips will only take place if sufficient numbers take part, so we will inform you if a trip has had to be cancelled for this or any other reason.
In the past we have requested medical forms for each trip.  From now on, you will be asked to complete one medical form for the year and you only need to inform us prior to a trip if there are any changes from that original form.  We can maintain communication through Schoolcoms, but it is vital that we have your correct email address and mobile number.   Could you please check, complete and return the data collection sheet that was enclosed with your child’s data point letter so that all details are up to date.
Thank you again for your continued support.
Yours faithfully
Mr C E Smith Principal