Teaching & Learning

Learning is: collecting information, understanding it and then using it.

In 2013 Ofsted recognised that, "teachers use their assessment of students' previous work to plan lessons with the right level of challenge to individuals and groups" and that, " ...students are able to research and investigate for themselves so that they develop deep thinking skills while sometimes being adventurous and creative."

At St. Margaret Ward our vision is to be a school in which everyone is enabled to reach his or her potential. We aim to raise the standards of pupils’ achievement across all key stages, including KS5. In order to do this high quality teaching and learning is offered consistently at all levels and across all areas of the curriculum.
Our emphasis is always on learning. We realise that this is a journey and that we are all at different stages but that we are all responsible for providing the best learning experience we can for all pupils in our lessons. At its very best this will be personalised learning.

As a staff we have decided that high quality learning happens in our classrooms when we ensure that:

  • Pupils understand what is expected of them
  • The work is challenging and enjoyable
  • Lessons are varied and interesting
  • Pupils feel safe and secure/behaviour is effectively managed
  • Individual needs are catered for
  • Pupils are engaged and are involved in their own learning
  • Pupils know what they are working towards, and see the relevance of what they are doing
  • Pupils feel valued
  • Our expectations are high
  • The pupils are confident in our knowledge and ability
  • Pupils are well prepared for lessons
  • Attendance is good

At St Margaret Ward, subject areas are grouped together as faculties. Please use the different pages of this section to find out more about the teaching, learning and curriculum offer in each of our faculties.